Abe Lincoln Miata Club

Dear Miata Owner,


Hello! Welcome to our home on the web. The Abe Lincoln Miata Club is a diverse group of individuals that have been drawn together by the joy of driving a great little roadster and sharing good times with like-minded individuals. You have found this web page so we know you love your little car and enjoy the thrill of driving -- whether you use it as a daily driver or just for fun on nice, top-down days.

We invite you to look at our website and to join our club. The Abe Lincoln Miata Club is a relatively small club of enthusiasts ranging from techies who like to tinker with their cars to those who enjoy nothing more then a Sunday drive on the back roads of Central Illinois just to get a hamburger. Some of us enjoy autocross as well!

We try to post events on our calendar as soon as they are finalized. Occasionally, on nice sunny days, we have been known to jump in our little cars and follow the leader on short notice... Other members look forward to planned trips and we often attend events sponsored by other clubs near and far. Whatever the case, we all look forward to the best our Miatas have to offer - twisty roads and the sun and wind in our face!

We are an easy group to get to know, and we warmly welcome new members. We hope you consider attending our monthly dinner meetings held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at a location posted on the calendar. If you prefer, email me at the address below and discuss your interests before committing yourself to our group.

Our whole objective is to enjoy our little cars and the fellowship that comes with them. Check us out.



Marcos Agote-Robertson
President, Abe Lincoln Miata Club